A Fare to Remember


A high powered business executive takes on an assignment on Christmas Eve, knowing she is to get married immediately after the holiday.

Upon arriving at the Seattle airport, she discovered all flights are canceled and she has to get to LA. She then hires an obnoxious cabbie to transport her to LA. However, the cabbie eventually proves to be rather endearing while she maintains her upper class posturing.


  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Winter
  • Challen Cates as Tamara
  • Stanley Kamel as Mr. Gault
  • Barbara Sammeth as Mrs. Gault
  • Peter Birkenhead as Steven
  • John Ratzenberger as Mickey
  • K Callan as Ginny
  • Tracee Ellis Ross as Jane
  • Mark DeCarlo as Jack
  • Jerry Springer as Mr. Bentree

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