A Sister's Nightmare


Police officer Jane Rydert (Kelly Rutherford)'s life goes into a tailspin when her older sister, Cassidy (Natasha Henstridge) shows up at her door after living in a psychiatric hospital for 16 years.


  • Kelly Rutherford as Jane Rydert
    • Kadence Kendall Roach as Young Jane
  • Natasha Henstridge as Cassidy Rydert
    • Lauren McNamara as Young Cassidy
  • Peyton List as Emily Rydert
  • Matthew Settle as Phil
  • Eric Breker as Vic
  • Jasmine Sky Sarin as Tina
  • Andrew Herr as Josh
  • Tim Perez as Captain
  • Matthew MacCaull as Brian
  • Christopher Pearce as Jane & Cassidy's father
  • Alex Zahara as Dr. Shwarzstein

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