A Valentine Carol


Ally Sims (Emma Caufield) is a cynical, superficial, radio talk show hostess in Seattle who doesn't know the meaning of love despite the fact that she gives love advice over the airwaves, and has a loyal fiancée, named Matt (John Reardon), who is tolerant of her busy lifestyle.

Two days before her wedding, Ally is visited by the ghost of Jackie Marley (Barbara Niven) who shows Ally her past life boyfriends of the past, present and future if she continues to live this stressful and shallow life.


  • Emma Caufield as Ally Simms
  • Barbara Niven as Jackie Marley
  • John Reardon as Matt
  • Dominic Zampronga as Ben
  • Tobias Slezak as Paul
  • Doron Bell as Dez
  • Jill Morrison as Gillian
  • Jeremy Jones as Derek
  • David Milchard as Tim
  • Russell Ferrier as Joe Biggs

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