Accused at 17


A 17-year-old girl (Nicole Gale Anderson) is accused of murdering her classmate (Lindsay Taylor) and claims that her best friend (Janet Montgomery) framed her for the crime. It's up to her mother (Cynthia Gibb) to find out what really happened.


  • Cynthia Gibb as Jacqui Madler
  • Nicole Gale Anderson as Bianca Madler
  • Janet Montgomery as Fallyn Werner
  • Stella Maeve as Sarah Patterson
  • William R. Moses as Michael Werner
  • Barbara Niven as Claire Werner
  • Linden Ashby as Detective Reeder
  • William Stanford Davis as Detective Gilson
  • Jason Brooks as Trevor Lautten
  • Reiley McClendon as Chad Voyt
  • Lindsay Taylor as Dory Holland

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