Broken Silence- A Moment of Truth Movie


The film centers on Mickey Carlyle (Ariana Richards), a teenage track star who is sexually assaulted by her well-known and respected coach Kurt Ansom (William Bumiller).

When nobody believes her, Mickey and her mother Margaret (Susan Blakely) take matters into their own hands to stop Coach Ansom's behavior.


  • Ariana Richards as Mickey Carlyle
  • Susan Blakely as Margaret Carlyle
  • William Bumiller as Coach Kurt Ansom
  • Teryl Rothery as Assistant District Attorney Christina Valdez
  • Tracee Ellis King as Kaycee King
  • Scott Vickaryous as Brad Meyers
  • Julie Patzwald as Julie Vacarro
  • Marisa Rudiak as Tina Beale
  • Alandra as Ms. O'Neill
  • Ken Camroux-Taylor as Principal Ed Miles

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