Co-Ed Call Girl


Thanks to a roommate's practical joke, college student Joanna Halbert (Tori Spelling) finds herself signed up with a Malibu-based escort service. Her initial annoyance turns to curiosity when she visits the boss's beach house and soon becomes by the seemingly glamorous lifestyle of working as a high-class escort.

However, Joanna realises that glitz and money go hand in hand with exploitation & sleaze and it may be too late to get out.

The film originally aired on CBS in 1996.


  • Tori Spelling as Joanna Halbert
  • Susan Blakely as Teri Halbert
  • Scott Plank as Ron Tamblin
  • Carmen Argenziano as Henry Binder
  • Jeri Ryan as Kimberly
  • Barry Watson as Jack Collins
  • Ashlee Levitch as Amanda
  • Charles Grant as Andrew Carlson
  • Siena Goines as Jody
  • Chad Morgan as Tracy
  • Sydney Bennett as Lynne
  • John E. Goetz as Robert
  • Al Sapienza as Darren Brunson

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