Dead at 17


When Cody (John Bregar) and Gabe Masterson (Justin Bradley) throw a private party in their father's retreat cabin, inviting their friends Jason (Matthew Raudsepp) & Ty (Kyle Switzer), they hire a stripper, but one thing turns to another and the stripper dies from being pushed down the stairs by Cody. Not wanting anybody to find out what happened, the boys dump her dead body and vow never to tell anybody about it.

But when Jason's guilty conscience gets the best of him and the Masterson brothers fear he'll tell, Jason winds up dead from an apparent suicide, but his mother, Alyssa (Barbara Niven) and older sister Danni (Dani Kind) suspect different and investigate the circumstances that ultimately led to his death.


  • Barbara Niven as Alyssa Harris
  • Dani Kind as Danni Harris
  • Matthew Raudsepp as Jason Harris
  • John Bregar as Cody Masterson
  • Justin Bradley as Gabe Masterson
  • Kyle Switzer as Ty
  • Ashley Jones as Becca
  • Catherine Mary Stewart as Holly
  • Linden Ashby as Curt Masterson
  • Sophie Gendron as Dominique Masterson

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