Fab 5


Based on the real-life events that occurred at McKinney North High School in McKinney, Texas in 2006, the movie is about a group of five teenage cheerleaders (including the daughter of the school principal) who were well-known for disregarding the school rules and their parents, teachers & administrators allowed them to get away with it.

After suggestive photos of the girls appear on the Internet, their cheerleading coach (Jenna Dewan) works to make sure they have consequences for their actions.


  • Jenna Dewan as Coach Emma Carr
  • Tatum O'Neal as Principal Lorene Tippit
  • Ashley Benson as Brooke Tippit
  • Aimee Spring Fortier as Lisa Toledo
  • Jessica Heap as Jeri Blackburn
  • Stephanie Honoré as Ashley Sanchez
  • Ashlynn Ross as Tabitha Doering
  • Dameon Clarke as Coach Adam Reeve
  • Carissa Capobianco as Cindy Harper
  • Hailey Wist as Meagan Harper
  • Natalie Rose as Natalie Zamora