From Straight A's to XXX


The film is based on the true story of a young woman named Miriam Weeks (Haley Pullos) who turns to pornography (performing under the name "Belle Knox") in order to pay for her college tuition.


  • Haley Pullos as Miriam Weeks
  • Imali Perera as Mrs. Harcharan Weeks
  • Peter Graham-Gaudreau as Dr. Kevin Weeks
  • Garrett Black as Paul Weeks
  • Judd Nelson as Don
  • Jessica Lu as Amanda
  • Alyson Bath as Dora
  • Jenna Romanin as Sara
  • Cardi Wong as Jeff
  • Ty Wood as Gavin
  • Jacky Lai as Amy
  • Rachelle Gillis as Jen
  • Andrea Stefancikova as Natalie
  • Johnny Cuthbert as Kenneth

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