Girl Fight


After high school student Haley posts a negative comment on a social network website about the senior girls, she becomes the victim of a brutal assault by the girls which gains attention when the video of the assault is posted on the Internet.


  • Jodelle Ferland as Haley Macklin
  • Anne Heche as Melissa Macklin
  • James Tupper as Ray Macklin
  • Tess Adkins as Alexa Simons
  • Keely Purvis as Kristin Hempton
  • Genevieve Buechner as Lauren Kramer
  • Taylor Hui as Taylor
  • Caley Dimmock as Becca Lawrence
  • Linda Darlow as Marylou Simons
  • Lanette Ware as District Attorney Jane Dennett
  • Chanelle Peloso as Dana