Haunting Sarah


After the death of her nephew, David (Ryland Thiessen) [the son of her twin sister, Heather], Erica Rose (Kim Raver)'s daughter, Sarah (Niamh Wilson) begins have premonitions and claiming that she can talk to David.

Erica's maid, Rosie (Alison Sealy-Smith) suspects that David's spirit is haunting Sarah. At first, Erica doesn't believe her, but when Sarah's behavior starts growing increasingly disturbing, she calls Rosie for help on how to get rid of the spirit of David.


  • Kim Raver as Erica and Heather Rose
  • Niamh Wilson as Sarah Lewis
  • Alison Sealy-Smith as Rosie
  • Rick Roberts as Edgar Lewis
  • Gordon Tanner as Richard Lord
  • Ryland Thiessen as David Lord

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