High school possession

original title "High School Exorcism"


A teenage girl must prevent fellow students from performing an exorcism on her best friend.


  • Jennifer Stone as Chloe Mitchell
  • Janel Parrish as Lauren Brady
  • Shanley Caswell as Olivia Marks
  • Ione Skye as Bonnie Mitchell
  • Kelly Hu as Denise Brady
  • William McNamara as Reverend Young
  • Chris Brochu as Mase Adkins
  • Ana Walczak as Kara
  • Bailey Anne Borders as Kendall
  • August Roads as Devin
  • Spencer Neville as Brad
  • Maya Stojan as Emma
  • Natalia Baron as Principal Andrews
  • Eric Etebari as David Shea
  • Michael C. Mahon as Coach Burdette

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