Hush Little Baby


Two years ago, Jamie (Victoria Pratt) suffers a devastating loss after her young daughter drowns. Two years later, she gives birth to another daughter.

After a series of suspicious accidents, Jamie becomes haunted by fears that the vengeful spirit of her deceased daughter has returned in her new child.


  • Victoria Pratt as Jamie
  • Ari Cohen as Peter
  • Johanna Black as Nicole
  • Tiffany Amiot as Amanda
  • Barbara Gates Wilson as Dr. Russell
  • Tom Carey as Dr. Lippman
  • Richard James Hilchie as Caitlin (Newborn Baby)
    • Lorelai Carey as Caitlin (Toddler)
  • Adam Schwartz as Devin
  • Georgie Daburas as Chuck
  • Lorena Gale as Marie Batiste

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