Inspector mom


After her daughter's soccer coach is brutally murdered, it's up to newswoman turned soccer mom Maddie Monroe (Danica McKellar) to solve the murder and prove her husband's innocence.


  • Danica McKellar as Maddie Monroe
  • Drew Waters as Craig Monroe
  • Ashlan Cunningham as Tara Monroe
  • Susana Gibb as Sandra Daines
  • Nate Bell as Nate Monroe
  • Carolyn McCormick as Becca Lee
  • Dan Horton as Rob Campbell
  • Meeghan Holaway as Bernice Haskins
  • Maurice Ripke as Coach Rovira
  • Chris Freihofer as Donny Haskins
  • Jeffrey Schmidt as Dr. Korda
  • Naima Lett as Jackie Ormond
  • Kelly O'Neill Jackson as Terence Ormond

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