Mom 16


"Mom at Sixteen" is about a pregnant 16-year-old girl named Jacey (Danielle Panabaker) whose well-meaning mother, Terry (Mercedes Ruehl) after finding out she is pregnant, forces her to keep the birth a secret and both decided to give him on adoption when he is born, but the day the social services worker arrives to take him to his adoptive parents, Jacey decides to keep him & agrees that her mom will raise the baby as her own.

A guidance counselor (Jane Krakowski) discovers Jacey's secret and tries to get her to enroll in a program for pregnant and parenting teens.


  • Danielle Panabaker as Jacey Jeffries
  • Jane Krakowski as Donna Cooper
  • Clare Stone as Macy Jeffries
  • Tyler Hynes as Brad
  • Colin Ferguson as Bob Cooper
  • Mercedes Ruehl as Terry Jeffries
  • Hollis McLaren as Marlene
  • Rejean Cournoyer as Mr. Cheevers
  • Dawn McKelvie Cyr as Gretchen
  • Megan Edwards as Linda
  • Matthew MacCaull as Dr. Hughes
  • Sabrina Jalees as Sarah
  • Deborah Allen as Pauline
  • Anastasia Hill as Trea
  • Leah Fassett as Gena
  • Scott Smith as Charlie