More of me


The movie centers on Alice (Molly Shannon), an overextended wife, a mother of twin children and a dedicated activist.

One day when looking in her three way mirror, Alice wishes there was more of her. All of the sudden, the three reflections of Alice pop out of the mirror.

The first version is motherly and takes care of Alice's kids, the second version works on the cause that Alice is fighting and the third version is oversexed & just wants to please Alice's husband, Rex (Steven Rber).

At first, Alice enjoys her peace and quiet, but when her alter egos start running amok and begin doing things she doesn't like, Alice vows to take her life back.


  • Molly Shannon as Alice McGowan
  • Steven Weber as Rex McGowan
  • Kimberly Huie as Ginni
  • Jake Beale as Boone McGowan
  • Abigal Falle as Viv McGowan
  • Paula Boudreau as Ann Lansing
  • James Arnold as Craig
  • Richard Fitzpatrick as Mayor Gant

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