On the Edge of Innocence


After manic-depressive teenager Zoe Tyler (Kellie Martin) ends up in a psych ward, she falls in love with Jake Walker (James Marsden), an unstable teenager with anger issues.

When the two of them are separated by their doctors, psychiatrists and parents, Jake and Zoe run away from the psychiatric facility.

After a trip around the country, Jake and Zoe must face up to their illness and their crime.


  • Kellie Martin as Zoe Tyler
  • James Marsden as Jake Walker
  • Karen Young as Mrs. Victoria Tyler
  • Ronald Gutman as Mr. Joseph Tyler
  • Lisa Jakub as Ally Winthrop
  • Jamie Kennedy as Luke Canby
  • Vince Vieluf as Timothy "Trader" Wells
  • Joshua Jackson as Sammy
  • Clea Duvall as Ann
  • Kelli Lefkovitz as Cheryl
  • Terry O'Quinn as Mr. David Walker
  • Jessica Harper as Mrs. Alice Walker
  • Olivia Birkelund as Dr. Sharon
  • Kevin Dunn as Dr. Barbico
  • Sullivan Walker as George Beaumont

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