She's too young


When an outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases occurs among teenagers at the local high school, Trish Vogel (Marcia Gay Harden) learns that that her 14-year-old daughter Hannah (Alexis Dziena) has been exposed to it and is shocked to learn that she is sexually active.


  • Alexis Dziena as Hannah Vogel
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Trish Vogel
  • Gary Hudson as Bill Vogul
  • Mike Erwin as Nick Hartman
  • Miriam McDonald as Dawn Gensler
  • Megan Park as Becca White
  • Deborah Odell as Ginnie Gensler
  • P.J. Crosby as Tess Gensler
  • Rhonda McLean as Kathleen White
  • Joe Dinicol as Tommy
  • John White as Brad
  • Karen Glave as Lauren James

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