Taken for Ransom


A wealthy high powered woman suffers a horrible tragedy after a car accident kill her son Billy but suvive in a hospital still worries about her baby boy even after the Funeral Six months past her drinking very heavy near cause her marriage with her Husband Albert and her Daughter Emma to make matters worse sleeping without taking meadcian peels her husband thought he might helping his Wife to call the EMT where they help her to cures her drinking problems every risks challenges to know to face them fears unstill she met a young men

Will and reminds her of her son billy who she can't remember who was buried in the grave unto she is home reunited with her husband and daughter after the setup her husband did with all the peoples that was part of this shimse and argey wife kept away from daughter after misducde understandings to explains to his wife all of this was to help her from the drinking to not forget her son billy then realized her miksakes done to her family out of guite both couple's hugs and finally at the end that her billy was really dead and put flowers by her son grave she will always forget. her son and hope to given chance to has a baby boy the movie ends at the camera zoomed out on the graveyard