Tell Me No Lies

original title "Witness to Murder"


After rebellious teen Samantha Cooper (Kirsten Prout) witnesses a murder committed by the police chief's son, Jordan Bates (Jesse Mott), she finds herself being threatened by him and his friends who will do anything to keep her from telling what happened.


  • Kirsten Prout as Samantha Cooper
  • Jesse Mott as Jordan Bates
  • Kelly Rutherford as Laura Cooper
  • Jesse Haddock as Derek Russell
  • David Allan Pearson as Gordon Russell
  • Eric Keenleyside as Chief Bates
  • Andrew Francis as Glenn
  • Andrea Whitburn as Tori
  • Eileen Barnett as Bunny
  • Samantha Ferris as Shawna
  • BJ Harris as Principal Myers
  • Aidan Kahn as Alex Mills
  • Stephen Spender as Officer Brady Thomas
  • Grace Bauer as Nancy Russell

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