The Cheating Pact


Three high school students (Daniela Bobadilla, Max Carver & Laura Ashley Samuels) convince a shy, smart classmate named Meredith (Laura Wiggins) to take the College Entrance Test for them, but after Meredith ends up dead from a mysterious accident, all of three students are considered suspects in her death and one of them believes that she's being framed for it.


  • Daniela Bobadilla as Heather Marshall
  • Laura Ashley Samuels as Kylie Hamilton
  • Max Carver as Jordan Coleman
  • Laura Wiggins as Meredith Porter
  • Cynthia Gibb as Brenda Marshall
  • Paula Trickey as Liz Hamilton
  • Jamie Luner as Ms. Walters
  • David Rees Snell as Detective Roberts
  • Pancho Demmings as Detective Joyce
  • Cory Kahane as Scott Mulvaney
  • Ruben Garfias as Principal Gonzales

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