The killing secret


The future of rich and popular high schooler Greg Dunleavy (Mark Krassenbaum) turns upside down when Emily Decapprio (Soleil Moon Frye), a girl from the wrong side of the tracks becomes pregnant with his child.

After Emily vanishes and later turns up dead, Greg's girlfriend, Nicole (Ari Meyers) becomes close to Emily's mother, Tina (Tess Harper) and begins to put together evidence that Greg is responsible for Emily's murder.


  • Mark Krassenbaum as Greg Dunleavy
  • Ari Meyers as Nicole Voss
  • Soleil Moon Frey as Emily Decapprio
  • Tess Harper as Tina Decapprio
  • John O'Hurley as Ted Dunleavy
  • Cindy Pickett as Mrs. Voss
  • Erika Flores as Sharon
  • Todd Rulapaugh as P.J.
  • Rasool J'han as Kim
  • Sean Bridgers as Aaron Clemons
  • Ben Epps as Detective Bill Rodlauer
  • Lorri Lindberg as Detective Connie Lang

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