The Pregnancy Pact


Inspired by the events in Gloucester, Massachusetts (in which a group of teenage girls made a pact to get pregnant & raise their children together), the film centers on four teenage girls: Sara, Karissa, Iris & Rose who make a pact to get pregnant and a young woman (who attended high school in Gloucester) who returns to town to film a video blog about teen issues. The 2011 French film 17 Girls is based on the same events.


  • Thora Birch as Sidney Bloom
  • Madisen Beaty as Sara Dougan
  • David Clayton Rogers as Brady Leary
  • Max Ehrich as Jesse Moretti
  • James McCaffrey as Michael Dougan
  • Camryn Manheim a Nurse Kim Daly
  • Nancy Travis as Lorraine Dougan
  • Michelle DeFraites as Karissa
  • Jenna Leigh Hall as Iris
  • Kelly Heyer as Rose
  • Erin Frederic as Kathleen Kingsbury
  • Kelly Heyer as Rose
  • Tim Powell as Principal Bachman
  • Ben Winchell as Troy

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