What Kind of Mother Are You?


After troubled teenager Kelly Jameson (Nicholle Tom) physically assaults her mother, Laura (Mel Harris) during a disagreement, Laura allows the police to keep Kelly in jail overnight.

When Laura goes to pick up Kelly, Kelly ends up getting sent to a juvenile detention center where she is assaulted by inmates and abused by the system. It's up to Laura to free her daughter.


  • Mel Harris as Laura Hyler
  • Nicholle Tom as Kelly Jameson
  • Alex Carter as Rob Hyler
  • Stuart Stone as Steven Hyler
  • Mary Mara as Marcy Hackman
  • Patricia Collins as Bette
  • Venus DeMilo Thomas as Sheray
  • Alicia Bergman as Devon
  • Deborah Pollitt as Geena
  • Sara Sahr as Amber
  • Martin Roach as Tony Barrow
  • Marion Gilsenan as Judge Patricia Gorham
  • David Ferry as Judge Keiter

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