Wuthering High School


Set as an updated 21st century version of the Emily Bronte novel "Wuthering Heights" set in modern day Malibu, California where the wealthy Earnshaw family adopts Heath (Andrew Jacobs), a troubled teenager.

The Earnshaw's teenage daughter, Cathy (Paloma Kwiatkowski), falls madly in love with him, embittering her rich friend, Eddie (Matthew Boehm) and the rest of their exclusive, upscale community. Wrapped up in her exciting fling, Cathy is ignorant to the dangerous side of Heath until it's too late.


  • Paloma Kwiatkowski as Cathy Earnshaw
  • Andrew Jacobs as Heath
  • Matthew Boehm as Eddie Linton
  • James Caan as Mr. Earnshaw
  • Sean Flynn as Lee Earnshaw
  • Francesca Eastwood as Ellen
  • Rachel Fox as Bella Linton
  • Randy Shelly as Kenneth

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